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  Enterprise Booster Package  
  How the Enterprise Booster Package from XLIN can help you.  

Thousands of new small businesses are started in the UK every year, although only a small percentage succeed and grow on a sustained basis. Official statistics show that there were 235,000 business start-ups in 2010 and 297,000 business closures. In 2009 as well business closures exceeded business start-ups. The difficult economic situation also meant that 2007 saw the highest number of new businesses, at 287,000, which has since been going down every year. This clearly demonstrates that the majority of start-ups go bust in the first few years, mostly due to lack of proper guidance, counselling and mentoring.

Research conducted in the UK by YBI shows that the likelihood for success is much higher if you have someone you can refer to for guidance or use as a sounding-board. Also that non-financial support in terms of mentoring and counselling makes a huge impact on the success of any small business.

As a small business owner, you are the CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, Marketing Manager, Procurement Manager, HR Manager and Office Administrator – all in one. You have to make all the business decisions, and that is not an easy task.

The Enterprise Booster Package from XLIN is an integrated package of Business Consulting, Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring support designed to help your business in realising the maximum potential. It's the answer to help you meet vital business needs.

XLIN was started by successful entrepreneurs with over 25 years' experience in financial consulting, IT and other businesses within the UK and abroad. We are also members of the London Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is to help you to excel in business – quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively.

How you'll benefit from the Enterprise Booster Package

Here's what you'll get with the Enterprise Booster Package, and how you'll benefit from it, as we combine our expertise and the services provided by our associates and partners.

Five hours of one-to-one consulting and mentoring You decide how you wish to use these five hours over the next three months and on topics of your choice – that way you're sure of getting the tailored advice you need, when you need it.
Help with your business model and feasibility study Because we'll help you design your business model and study the feasibility of your business idea, you'll have the perfect head start, and be able to avoid costly mistakes later.
Virtual Office at Oplex Business Centre – for three months This gives you a London business address for three months for free – giving you both convenience and business credibility.
Logo design for your business Our associate creative team will design a logo for your business, giving you extra professionalism and recognition from the start.
Professionally designed website or professional appraisal of your website A professional, search-optimised website is essential for nearly any business. You'll receive a five-page website for your business designed by our associates or, if you have a website, our associates can appraise your existing website for content, usability and search engine optimisation.
Design of your first press release We will help you create your first business press release, as well as provide advice on how to garner maximum exposure.
Creating Facebook and Twitter pages Many businesses can benefit from social media exposure, building their reputation and attracting new customers for relatively little outlay in time or money. Our associates will create your professional Facebook and Twitter pages for your business.

Order your Enterprise Booster Package today and you'll receive all these services from XLIN Ltd. It will cost you only £495 plus VAT as compared to the thousands you could easily spend if you decide to find different agencies and suppliers yourself. And you can't put a price tag on the expertise behind all this…

Please call us today for our FREE initial consulting session where we can discuss your existing or new business needs. As the initial discussion is free, why wait? Call us now on 020 8694 5300 to discuss how Enterprise Booster Package can help you Excel in Business!

We also provide other business support services and would be happy to develop a bespoke tailor-made plan that is best for your business.


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"XLIN has been a trusted and knowledge-packed business partner of London Indian Film Festival, we very much look forward to working in partnership into the future. We whole-heartedly recommend XLIN to other young companies aiming to grow and succeed in the current business climate .

By Mr Cary Sawhney, Director London Indian Film Festival"
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